Программы и цены

Training programs are selected in such a way that everyone who wants to engage in logistics - from beginner to professional - will find a convenient and necessary format for themselves. ForLogist adheres to a policy of flexibility in pricing, so we have indicated the starting prices, and are ready to discuss them in each case. You will be pleasantly surprised how interesting and affordable logistics can be! Choose:


Logistics from A to Z
6 000 грн

An intensive course designed for logisticians who need to upgrade their skills in the shortest possible time, or for beginner logisticians. The standard program consists of 10 topics (10 hours): basic conventions, permit system, document flow, types of vehicles, liability of parties, accidents and others - all topics are accompanied by cases from real transportation. The price includes a test with 45 questions and a handout. Online training - UAH 5,500 (in a group).

Individual training
8 000 грн

The program of training and the schedule of classes are developed individually based on the needs and wishes of the client. The client can choose topics himself from the general list (15-20 topics). The duration of training is 10-15 hours. Free consultation of the speaker within 1 month after training. Online training - UAH 7,500.

Corporate training
2 000 грн

It is held on the territory of the client, provided that a group of 5 participants is present. The program is developed individually, depending on the client's requests. There is experience of such trainings in Lviv ("Tank Trans", "Devyk"), Rakhiv ("Agrologistics"), in Chernivtsi ("EGT Express"), Kryvyi Rih ("Arcelor Mittal"), Kyiv ("DSV Logistics", "Areal Group", FOP Pavlenko, "Fairlogics", "TRANS-LOGISTIK") and others. The cost is UAH 2,000 \ 1 hour.

Department of road transportation
20 000 грн

Creation of the road transportation department from "0": staff recruitment, personnel training, testing, consulting for at least 3 months, development of a sales plan for the department, calculation of the budget, adjustment of business processes. There is experience in creating a department in such companies as: "Transporto Vystymo Grupe" UAB (Kyiv branch), "BTL- BalticTransline" (Kyiv branch), IPK "Vertykal". The price depends on the scope of work.

Sales in logistics
5 000 грн

Why is it so difficult to sell logistics services? Can a sales manager from another industry sell logistics services? Why do customers change logistics operators so often? We give the answers to these and other lifelong questions in our program, specially designed for logistics sales managers. Online training - UAH 4,500.

Logistics audit
2 000 грн

Consulting a transport or logistics company on sales, checking the level of qualifications of employees, building business processes, analyzing the weaknesses and strengths of the company. There is experience in conducting audits in such transport and logistics companies as PP "Brothers" (Nikopol), LLC "Areal Group" (Kyiv), "Mirland" (Odesa, Mariupol), "Devik" (Lviv), "Khmelnytske ShBU No. 56" " (Khmelnytskyi) and others. The cost is UAH 2,000 for 1 hour of speaker work.

Smart driver
4 000 грн

Everyone knows about the shortage of qualified truck drivers. The most experienced of them have been employed abroad for a long time, and as a rule, transport companies are extremely reluctant to train newcomers. The "Smart Driver" course will help drivers to understand the variety of accompanying documents; in the specifics of cargo transportation; in cooperation with the dispatcher, etc. A smart driver is 50% of successful transportation! Online training - UAH 3,500 (as part of a group).