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ForLogist courses have no analogues in Ukraine, because it is here that you will be told about logistics in a simple, accessible language, starting with the very "basics". ForLogist programs do not contain anything superfluous and are designed in such a way as to "string" knowledge into a strong thread, giving a holistic understanding of the logistics process. We not only give basic knowledge to beginners, but also provide with free consultation for one month after training.


Диана Пилоян

Diana Piloyan is a practitioner with 20 years of experience in transport logistics, has 2 higher educations, philological (French) and transport. Rich experience in transport companies (SE "S.T.R. Ukraine", UAB "Transporto Vystymo Grupe" (Lithuania), "BalticTransline" (Lithuania), as well as in logistics companies ("AsstrA Ukraine", "Dialogistik Ukraine") allows Diana to give many examples from practice in the learning process, which is certainly the most valuable and useful. Since 2017, Diana Piloyan is one of the experts of the "Kyiv Logistics School".
The material is updated before each of her trainings, as well as the topics are updated depending on the level of experience of the participants.

Diana is convinced that the training of logisticians of all levels is a permanent process, and only proven knowledge will help the participants of the chain to finally hear each other and also avoid many mistakes.




Trainings are held on the territory of ForLogist or the Customer.
We work with small groups - up to 15 participants!

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