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The war forced many companies to carry out restructuring, to abandon the usual adjusted areas of activity for diametrically opposed and unknown ones. Recently, I have received many requests to help build transport logistics departments from scratch or to teach logisticians, who have been engaged in domestic transportation for several years, all the intricacies of international transportation. It is important not only to quickly react to a change in the situation, but also to prepare yourself for them.


Wartime logistics – no one was 100% ready and everyone was on the verge of a mandatory business restructuring.
Managers and owners of Ukrainian companies faced the question: what to do next?
The absolute majority chose the path of restructuring the business strategy and the beginning of active volunteer assistance to the military and civilian population of the country.
However, everyone was faced with new conditions of transportation, problems with the correct registration of cargo and transportation difficulties.

Communicating with today's students evokes a double feeling: on the one hand, you are speaking in "black squares" (generation Z, as you know, is concerned about the protection of personal space, believing, apparently, that if you turn on the camera, the speaker will immediately penetrate through the monitor to his room), and on the other hand, they listen to you carefully, understand you, ask questions, and at the end thank you for an interesting conversation! How do I determine that the "black squares" are interesting?

Today I held a training for a large exporter-importer-manufacturer company (3 in one), and we talked about what has not yet been implemented in Ukraine, but is only being prepared for it. Yes, yes, I am talking about the NCTS (common transit system), which, upon entering, participants in the supply chain of Ukraine are promised significant simplifications and privileges...

Every company wants to see in its staff understanding and dedicated employees (the list of characteristics is very long, but I have chosen 2 main qualities that employers value the most). At the same time, not every company is fully aware of what exactly attracts employees to a particular company, why people stick to one job and part with another without regret. It turns out that money is not what keeps employees - 67% of people put the opportunity to develop in the company first!

When during 2 days of study you repeatedly hear exclamations: "Where were you before?!"., "Why didn't they explain this to me at the university"? or "Ah, that's what it means!"., and in the eyes of the listeners you see genuine interest (yes, yes, the same light!) - it means that you are doing a really useful job! And when a purely female group gathers, it turns out to be very soulful!☀️
Dear girls, good luck with logistics!💪

Any practitioner should periodically communicate with students at least in order to understand whether they need all that you are working hard on, or whether they want to do what is your "favorite thing". Speaking with students of KNUTD, I understood that it is possible to talk about logistics only in very general phrases, that is, it is not their profile subject. We talked a lot about the skills and knowledge that a logistician should have, especially the skill of communication, as the most important in his work.

Someone went to school in the first grade, and we went ... to a new office! From now on, all trainings for small groups will be held here, at the address: st. E.Sverstyuka, 23, of. 924. You won't believe it, but as soon as we hung a sign on the door, the first training client came - "outdoor advertising" worked! Come visit us - we always have delicious coffee!

The two-day training for the transport company "Trans-Logistic" turned out to be intensive, eventful, and useful not only for nine trainees, but also for Diana Piloyan, the trainer himself. "Each training is, first of all, an exchange of experience and knowledge, and this process must be mutual, otherwise its usefulness is lost," Diana admits.