Online Seminar for KNUTD students on 23.02.22

Communicating with today's students evokes a double feeling: on the one hand, you are speaking in "black squares" (generation Z, as you know, is concerned about the protection of personal space, believing, apparently, that if you turn on the camera, the speaker will immediately penetrate through the monitor to his room), and on the other hand, they listen to you carefully, understand you, ask questions, and at the end thank you for an interesting conversation! How do I determine that the "black squares" are interesting? very simple: they stay online until the end, that is, the number of participants does not decrease - and this is my modest, but very valuable reward:) Today they talked about what makes logistics attractive, why suddenly every second person decided to try their hand at this particular area, and how among many candidates to find the same logistician!

23.02.2022, Онлайн-семінар з студентами КНУТД