ForLogist is a unique opportunity for logisticians to find answers to their questions. It's no secret that a logistician is a multifunctional profession that combines 5 specialties: lawyer, accountant, translator, psychologist and logistician. Agree, no university can boast of such a set of subjects at one faculty. That is why all logisticians are self-taught, who, most often, "fill the bumps" before becoming professionals. ForLogist is ready to help you! We are contacted from all over Ukraine by logisticians of "all stripes": carriers, forwarders, foreign trade managers, students of transport universities. Our clients are: LLC "Tank Trans", LLC "Arcelor Mittal", LLC "Good Logistics", FOP Stasiuk F.I., LLC "EGT Express", LLC "DAF Trans", LLC "Trans Logistik" and many others.

Feedback from our participants
Oleksandr Melikhov The individual course that I ordered was interesting and very relevant, both for beginners and for those who already work in transport logistics. The material Diana provides is relevant to our situation in 2024 and beyond. It will save a lot of time and money of the enterprise in solving controversial situations and will teach you to avoid mistakes or they should be detected in advance already at the stage of concluding the transportation service. The material is rich and useful, both for international transportation, and for oversized /ADR transportation and local on by Ukraine. Here, the entire material is laid out almost from A to Z on the shelves and covers all aspects that you will face sooner or later in the field of transportation. Thanks Diana for teaching!
Iryna Shulga, PE Trans Logistics (Corporation ATB) Diana, you are fantastic! I liked everything very much. I got a lot of useful from this training for myself, the main thing is self-confidence. Thank you for the real examples, for the words that should and should not be used. I control myself every day) I certainly wish you success! I wish to come to another your trainings.
Oleksiy Kvitsiani, PE Trans Logistics (Corporation ATB) "Logistics is always fun" (c)
Learning with you is also fun. All my skepticism was shattered and I could learn something new for myself. It is really true when say: as long as you live, you learn as much. Thank you for your time, thank you for the gift, the book is great!! Thank you for the experience and positive energy.
Oleksiy Borodin, PE Trans Logistics (Corporation ATB) I really liked the training! A lot of useful and relevant information, all to the point and without water. Many thanks to Diana!
Dar'ya Holovanchuk, PE "Trans Logistics" (Corporation "ATB") Thank you for the wonderful training, which was really every minute is interesting to listen to. Beautiful presentation of material, many examples of Diana's practices. It engages every participant in the learning process and significantly facilitates the assimilation of new information. Good luck in your business!
Dmytro Yefimov, Global Track LLC It is a very informative training. It is interesting and useful when the speaker is a practicing specialist. I liked the fact that the material is not read, but presented in live communication.
Daria Makogonova, Global Track LLC Thanks for the training! Diana is not only professional in her field, but also very pleasant woman. I received a maximum of useful information in a shortest time. Speaker gave examples on various topics, based on her own experience, that's why it was much more interesting to listen. Thanks to the test at the end of the training, I understood what other questions should I work on. Thanks for the provided material! I recommend it to everyone
Vadym Andriychuk, PJSC "Carlsberg Ukraine" Thank you Diana for the training. Everything was very accessible and understandable. I recommend it!
Ivanna Kuksa, SIA LOGISTICS Diana is a professional in her field! In addition to a large amount of useful information and cases, I also got a lot of pleasure - I listened to the whole training with my mouth open.Being a student, I can say that Diana's two-day course was more informative and useful than studying at the university. The information is presented interestingly, without water, and two days of training flew by. Diana, thank you very much! I will definitely come to another training, and maybe not just one.
Alina Poloz, logistics company DiFreight Even a logistician with experience will be surprised by Diana's courses. All actions suddenly had sense, the whole chain of events and workflow is clear. I even understood, what is insurance and how to organize partial transportations. These two days were worth their weight in gold! Thank you very much, I recommend to everyone!
Polina Talabko, LLC "HALAXY STONE UKRAINE" Thank to Diana for the training!
Two days flew by, a very large flow of information in a clear language, without water and with real stories from practice. A lot of interesting nuances that you encounter from time to time :)
Artem MIKHALCHENKO, NTU student Thank to Diana for the excellent training, the presentation of information was simple and understandable. For two days I learned about all the documents, conventions, various life cases in logistics and their solutions, which will help me in my future work. Special thanks for the useful handout. I advise everyone to take the course, even if you have been in the field of logistics for a long time.
Yuriy Pekshev, LLC "Lokri Trans" Many thanks to Diana for the excellent training, full of strong knowledge, high level of teaching, real professional experience, friendliness and positivity, energy of development and skills of making wise decisions in work and life. I will recommend you with pleasure! Your lessons are the lessons that create success and a better future for others. I sincerely wish you the best life events and successful students.
Darina Sokolovskaya, freelancer I would like to thank Diana Piloyan for her time as a speaker, a great course for a beginner! Everything was presented in understandable terminology, great cases, which are sure to stick in the memory for a long time! Each lesson was in one spirit! I would recommend this course to all my friends!
Vasily Lisovoy Great training, I want to thank you for your time. Everything is very clear and understandable. Interesting and useful cases. Thank you! I recommend it!
Victoria Naumcheva Diana's training turned out to be as productive and intense as possible. Thank you for the applied, practical and extensive knowledge in the field of automobile transportation. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it!
Andrey Kozyryatsky Very grateful for the knowledge gained during the training, I learned a lot of useful and relevant information, which gave me the opportunity to understand the structure and principles of international logistics, and I am personally grateful to you, Diana, for the ability to share your vast experience in logistics.
Larisa Zasyadvovk, accountant I am extremely grateful to Diana for the knowledge gained! You are really a true professional in your field! After your training I had a feeling: didn't I know it before! All the material was presented in an accessible, simple language. All questions that I had along the way, I received a comprehensive answer! I feel the support of the teacher to this day!!! After this course, I gathered courage and went to get a job as a logistician (being an accountant ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ˜…). I was taken on an internship, and there were three of us beginners. My knowledge turned out to be the greatest and most reliable! Thanks to Diana for giving me the incentive to move in this direction! You are a real Well done!!!
Olga Smetana, Sia Logistics I am very grateful to Diana for the quality, clear and interesting presentation of information. I attended the training when I was a complete beginner in logistics and knew absolutely nothing. In one day I learned quite useful information for work in this field. I recommend it!
Imho: I think it will be useful for those who think that they have already eaten a dog in this business.
Oleksandr, student Thank you for the training for a beginner logistician. I received a lot of useful information on international transportation.
Artem Mozolev, PE Mozolev A.A. I really liked the training! It met all expectations! I got what I came for. I advise everyone who wants to deepen and expand their knowledge in this field of activity. I am sure that everyone, like me, will get answers to questions of interest. Diana, thank you for this training! You are a person with a big heart!
Julia Karaya, VAS-KAR LLC Thanks to Diana for those wonderful two days that opened new opportunities, knowledge, and most importantly, gave me confidence in the development of new business areas. Diana is a wonderful trainer and professional, in accessible words she conveyed to the listeners information that will really help to navigate in certain situations when making deals with their counterparties. She told about the difficult moments that can occur in practice and how to solve such controversial issues. A very creative form of training in such a short time to learn to navigate in transport logistics and its wisdom. Special thanks for the book "Fabulous logistics, or 50 days in the life of a forwarder". This is a small masterpiece that once helped me to make a very important step in my life. I really want the book to have a continuation. To learn about new difficulties and victories of our hero, about his love and happiness and how all these moments of life make him stronger, wiser and happier every year! I wish you good luck, prosperity and new victories.
Tank Trans LLC Thank you for the training! The questions were disclosed, the answers are exhaustive. Especially thank you for sharing your experience and being honest, not afraid to talk about negative experiences, which makes it possible to avoid such mistakes in the future. I will recommend the training to my friends!!!
WESTTEK LLP Excellent training that allows you to work out the necessary skills. At the same time gently points out the places that need to be worked on. Very practical and accessible information about all logistics processes. It is cool that there is testing after the end, which gives an independent assessment of the material passed and mastered. I recommend it to everyone. Special thanks to the organizers and trainers.
Valeria Bilopolska, freelancer The training is just fabulous! As a person who has not worked in the field of logistics for a day and has not studied a single sheet from the textbook about this area, at the end of the training I passed the test with "excellent"))) But this is directly the merit of the person who competently explained and made me believe in my strength, this is DIANA-trainer with a capital letter! I highly recommend!!! Thank you very much for the material provided and, of course, the book about "fabulous logistics"))))
Marina Zdebska, private entrepreneur Zdebska M.F. Thank you for your time and for such a wealth of knowledge! I have experience and not a small one. But I learned a lot for myself from international, oversized, container transportation. At the same time, I have not heard such material anywhere before! This is a unique TRAINING and TRAINER! I am very grateful to DIANA for her love for work and people! I received answers to all my questions! Special thanks for the book "FABULOUS LOGISTICS"! This book completely opens your eyes to the work of logisticians!

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