Seminar on NCTS for Philippe Morris Ukraine on 14.01.2022

Today I held a training for a large exporter-importer-manufacturer company (3 in one), and we talked about what has not yet been implemented in Ukraine, but is only being prepared for it. Yes, yes, I am talking about the NCTS (common transit system), which, upon entering, participants in the supply chain of Ukraine are promised significant simplifications and privileges... I must say that my "homework" (preparation) for this training was full of nerves - hundreds read pages of laws, conventions, decrees, other legislative acts, listened to a dozen seminars, 2 of them live, an incredible number of viewed sites - as a result, it was still not enough for me! I'm used to the fact that any received information should lead to an internal analysis, as a result of which one's own conclusions are born, some connections, gathering all the puzzles into a single picture, and here everything is somehow convoluted, does not want to be built into a logical chain and that's it! I was upset, honestly! And suddenly, these long-awaited connections appeared directly during the training, in the midst of a heated discussion (I love it when people not only listen carefully, but also ask questions, argue!) - and the picture began to become clear!
I worried in vain - everything went with a bang!:) A satisfied client is a satisfied speaker!