On July 10, at the Logistics Summer Camp organized by Kyiv Logistics School, in the "Success Stories" section, ForLogist presented a new direction of its activity - the recruitment of logistics personnel!

09-10.07.2021 the most long-awaited event of the year in logistics took place - Logistics Summer Camp organized by Kyiv Logistics School. This is perhaps one of the most interesting and large-scale events where logistics experts of various levels and from different countries can share their experience, talk about all the innovations in the world of modern logistics and just chat with colleagues in an informal networking. When more than 170 logisticians gather in one place, it is always informative, creative and a lot of fun!


28th May 2021, the annual Forum of Carriers and Freight Forwarders was organized by the Kyiv Logistics School, and has already become a good tradition. For the third year in a row, carriers from all over Ukraine come to this Forum to discuss the most pressing issues with representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure, as well as for a valuable exchange of experience with colleagues. Our speakers Tatyana Anufrieva and Diana Piloyan were invited to moderate the discussion on the role of the forwarder in the supply chain, education and training of professional forwarders.

On December 18, ForLogist's speaker Diana Piloyan took part in the Open Day of "Kyiv Logistics School" in Lviv. Interesting speakers, relevant topics for discussion and knowledge-hungry participants - these are 3 components of success!

On December 3, ForLogist provided a seminar on the topic "The practice of filling out a TIR carnet and CMP" as part of the FIATA course from 5PL. Four hours of intensive skill emprovement, many interesting cases of practice, answers to the most burning questions of the audience - that's how it was! Thank you 5 PL for the wonderful organization!

On December 6 and 7, 2019 ForLogist took part in the Winter Camp from the "Kyiv Logistics School". The topic of ForLogist's speech - International transportation: partnership or competition - gathered the largest number of listeners and caused the most heated discussions! And the speaker from ForLogist, Diana Piloyan, got the most votes among the speakers of one stream!

Three-day training, from June 24 to June 26, on the territory of the largest logistics operator "DSV Logistics Ukraine" - a lot of sharp questions, incredible cases, skills improvement and, of course, an interesting written test with tricky questions!

31st May, 2019, Forlogist had a honor to be the moderator of one of roundtables on the Forum of Carriers, which was organized by Kyiv Logistics School. We spoke about the main problems of cargo and driver safety during road transportation.

On March 16-17, 2019, a training "Logistics of road and sea transportation" was held together with company 5PL. As always, a lot of interesting questions, examples from personal experience and unexpected discoveries! Thanks to the participants for their attention, and to the organizers for the comfortable conditions!

SIA Logistics is a young logistics company that pays great attention to the training of its logisticians, and they are right! On February 16, 2019, we provided a training on the organization of road transport (domestic and international).