Webinar Logistics during the War on 14.04.2022

Wartime logistics – no one was 100% ready and everyone was on the verge of a mandatory business restructuring.
Managers and owners of Ukrainian companies faced the question: what to do next?
The absolute majority chose the path of restructuring the business strategy and the beginning of active volunteer assistance to the military and civilian population of the country.
However, everyone was faced with new conditions of transportation, problems with the correct registration of cargo and transportation difficulties.
The Kyiv Logistics School invited leading experts in logistics to share their own experience in the most pressing issues, talk about the new rules of the game and modern opportunities for business in conditions of uncertainty.
On April 14 at 11:00 Kyiv Logistics School is organizing a charity online webinar on the topic: "Wartime logistics in Ukraine. Solutions for specialists in conditions of uncertainty".
The collected funds will be used to purchase equipment for the Ukrainian military forces.