Seminar for company "OPOS" on 13.12.2021

Every company wants to see in its staff understanding and dedicated employees (the list of characteristics is very long, but I have chosen 2 main qualities that employers value the most). At the same time, not every company is fully aware of what exactly attracts employees to a particular company, why people stick to one job and part with another without regret. It turns out that money is not what keeps employees - 67% of people put the opportunity to develop in the company first! And development is possible only if the company invests in the training and development of its employees.
A wonderful example of this kind of attitude towards employees and the return from them - the company, I was lucky enough to observe last Saturday, when I held a seminar on the topic of organization of domestic and international transportation for the OPOS company organized by Kyiv Logistics School
I am sure that the guys will achieve everything planned and in the best way!)

Тренінг від 13.12.2021 для співробітників компанії "ОПОС"